High Quality Standards are Essential to Save Lives

We started ambulance conversions since 2008. Since then, we have converted a good 4000 units and chances are high that the ones you see on the road have been made in our expert care.

Our technicians have been highly trained and supervised throughout the conversion process to meet the strictest of medical and safety standards. The rigorous training they receive results in your high quality ambulances.

We understand the strict standards of making an ambulance, and know of various specific requirements. We are no stranger when it comes to fitting it to your needs, whether working within a budget, or expanding the services.

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Conversion Details Sample

Ambulance Equipment

  • Basic Led Top Light
  • Medical Floor Mounted Cabinet
  • Non-Collapsible Stretcher


  • Oxygen Tank W/ Content
  • Wall Mounted BP Apparatus
  • First Aid Kit
  • Oxygen Tank Regulator
  • Ambubag Combination Adult And Pedia
  • Minor Surgical Kit
  • Flash Light Led W/ Battery
  • Stethoscope


  • Install Fire Extinguisher
  • Install Florescent Lamp
  • Install I.V. Hook W/ Strap
  • Install Single Oxygen Tank Holder
  • Install Vinyl Sticker ( 4 Side Ambulance Name )
  • Install Marine Plywood
  • Install Non Slip Matting
  • Install Stainless Bumper Approach
  • Install Stainless Ramp Approach
  • Install Tint
  • Jumpseat
  • 3 Seater W/ Storage Seatbelt & Backrest