3M™ Quick Scratch and Scuff Remover

3M™ Quick Scratch and Scuff Remover offers an ideal way to repair simple damage such as course-to-fine scratches, swirl marks, or paint imperfections with no hassle and no waiting. Our product uses fine minerals to remove the scratches from the paint and bring back a high polish finish. Using our paint scratch remover is an inexpensive option for repairing automotive surface blemishes.

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How to use:
1) Clean the surface of the area to be repaired with car wash shampoo and water.
2) Spray water on the repair area and the square Trizact™ Scratch Pad. Use the Trizact™ Scratch Pad to sand the immediate area of the scratch/scuff. Sand with light/medium pressure so that you see a white slurry or foam appear.
3) Wipe the sanded area with a paper towel. If the scratch is still visible, continue sanding. The area will begin to look dull. The gloss will be restored in the next step.
4) Open the Scratch Remover packet and apply a coin-size amount to a clean microfiber cloth. Rub the repair area aggressively, with firm pressure, and blend lightly into the area out beyond the scratch until the haze is reduced. Wipe the repair area and check your work. Add more Scratch Remover and continue polishing until the fine scratches are gone.
5) Give the repair area a final wipe with a clean detail cloth or fresh paper towel to remove all Scratch Remover. Extra materials can be saved to remove more scratches and scuffs.




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