3M™ Scratch Remover

3M™ Scratch Remover actually polishes out scratches from clear coats, not just fill them in with wax like many products do. What’s left behind is a beautiful, high-polished finish that will impress you. Our product removes many types of automotive surface blemishes, including car wash scratches, scuffs, oxidation, light stains, tree and shrub branch streaks and surface contaminants.

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Directions for Use:

To apply by hand:

1. Apply to small areas, about one to two square feet.
2. Dispense a quarter size drop of remover onto a clean, soft, microfiber cloth. Apply to the painted surface using a firm circular motion.
3. Work the area using a firm, circular motion until the cleaner is dry.
4. Remove remaining film using a microfiber cloth.

To apply by machine:

1. Dispense enough material on the surface to work a one-foot by one-foot area.
2. Buff area using an air or electric buffer equipped with a 3M Polishing Pad using light to medium pressure.
3. Reduce pressure when product begins to dry.
4. Remove remaining film using a microfiber cloth.




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