Code Alarm Full Alarm System

Vehicle Security System

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– 4 buttons 1 way transmitters
– Hi jack mode
– Silent choice
– Real panic sound horn honk
– Progressive car find
– 125dB weather proof siren
– Starter Interrupt
– Dual stage shock sensor
– Flashing parking lights
– Last door arming

7 days replacement, 1 year warranty


1. My car already has a remote built into the key, Is this the right alarm for me?
No, this car alarm model work a little differently from car alarms that have a bulit-in factory remote interface or MAP Feature. It only works for cars without factory remote.

2. Will it flatten or drain my battery?
It is very unlikely that the car alarm is causing your car battery to drain or to go flat. This car alarm draw very little current ? usually less than 20mA ? so will not flatten a car battery unless left for several weeks (as long as the battery is in good condition). Car batteries will start to deteriorate after only a couple of years and will need to be replaced after 3-5 years.

3. Why should I buy a known brand car alarm?
Purchasing a known brand like CODE car alarm from a reputable retailer means you can be assured of after sales service and back-up. This is so important given how much most of us rely on our cars for getting around every day.


Code Alarm


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