Kicker Full Upgrade for Toyota Fortuner

When we say full upgrade, it means your world will be changed. Powered by Kicker Key1804, it’s time to amp up your auto.

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Part of the Package

1 DSP – Key1804

1 Component Speaker – CSS674

1 Coaxial Speaker – CSC674

2 Hushmat – HMSPKRS

2 Speaker Ring – SAT165

1 Toyota Fortuner Customized Sub Box – Kicker Fiber Works, Customized

1 Subwoofer – CWCS104

1 Grill – GR100

1 Mono Amplifier – DXA250.1

1 Amplifier Kit – AK08PMF

1 RCA Cable – CA Interconnect Pro Series-17 (17ft, 5m)

1 Kicker Bass Control – 46CXARC




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