Smart Canopy

Smart canopy helps protect your cargo from all weather elements and theft.It is made from fiberglass with very high corrosion resistance thus it cannot rust.It can withstand damage caused by oxidation or other chemical reaction.Also it has electromagnetic transparency – no signal interference.

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1. Repairable
2. Improved space, used for carrying extra passenger
3. Secure your cargo
4. No signal interference
5. Sporty looks perfect for business and adventure


1. Made of highest quality 3-5 layer fiberglass structure w/ reinforced composite
2. High quality gas strut from Germany
3. Stainless steel hinges & screws w/ ABS cover (rust free)
4. High quality aluminum, non-drill clamp lock with hooks attached w/ aluminum bar
5. Waterproof EDPM bed seal on the bottom of hardtop in the installation kit
6. Easy to install, no drilling required




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